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SPS Imaging Glossary of Terms


Photography Times

Photography begins at the prescribed start time, or at the time the photographer arrives. (Note that it is normal for the photographer to arrive early, and any extra time between the agreed upon start time and the early arrival is used solely at the discretion of the photographer. Normally, this time is spent unpacking equipment and taking a quick look at the environment for photo opportunities or obstacles.)

Photography is billed on a per-hour basis only, and not pro-rated for incomplete hours. Typically, the photographer's time is extended prior to the Wedding Day, or during the Wedding Reception. The latter occurs most often when the events at the reception flow slower than expected. This can be a result of overall scheduling for the day, or the quality of the emcee or DJ at the reception.

Normally, for every hour's worth of shooting the photographer completes, there are at least three hours of post processing. This is especially true of the base package hours- often where the most important images are taken. The studio puts a substantial amount of effort into optimizing every image prior to print ordering. On the most important photos, the studio will often perform basic retouching, enhancement, and color / contrast adjustments.

If the photographer is asked to stay over to complete reception photos that day, there is a premium that covers not only this extra effort, but also covers the likely impact of shifting his schedule so late in the day.

Non-Local Photography

While the photographer typically enjoys working away from the local area, the impact of ever-increasing gas prices and the higher liklihood of him spending the night out of town force us to place a higher premium on photos at more distant locations.

Distances greater than 100 miles must be discussed prior to contract signing, and fees will be set and written at that point.

CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs are offered as an extra feature in most of our packages.

A photo CD or photo DVD is simply a disc that you use on your computer to place images online for viewing by friends and relatives. The image sizes included on these discs are "web format" size- typically excellent for posting a near full-screen image on a website. They are NOT designed for ordering prints, as the resolution of the images will not support printmaking.

A Digital DVD includes your images in Slideshow format. Just pop the disc into your DVD player, select the particular slide show from the main menu, and press play. Your images will show in succession. Customized effects, transitions, and music are available. Please ask for details on these services.

A DVD Archive disc is, essentially, the exact images that the studio maintains for ordering prints. This is the equivalent of purchasing the film from the photographer. This product is priced at a premium level for a number of reasons. The most important is that the studio typically knows best when it comes to making quality, lasting images from your digital files. We shop the surrounding states for the best price, availability of services, quality of printing, and turnaround time. All too often, customers ask to purchase original image film (or, in this case, files,) with the purpose of making their own prints and saving some money. While the idea sounds great, it has happened in the past that the customer's lab gets into an argument with the customer regarding print quality. When this happens, the photographer can be accused of creating an inferior product by the lab, and the customer belives this to be true- when in fact, it is the lab's incompetance in making the prints. It is our policy to encourage purchasing this archive DVD, but we strongly urge you to use us as your source for printing. If cost is an issue, we can discuss all alternatives, including low-cost, retail-level processing; the same type that non-professionals have access to. The last thing we want is to be caught in the middle of an argument that should never have occurred.

Black & White Conversion

Color Digital Files are taken as default format for most types of photography. When requested, Black & White images can the be ordered from these images. The process SPS uses includes image optimization at the studio to help produce Black and White images with the proper contrast. From here, SPS orders your images on basic, true, Black and White photographic paper. The result is the longest archival image available in print form.

Often customers will request Black and White for its more "artistic" quality. It can help to reduct colored distractions, help to flatter skin tones, and can be used for Spot-Color styled images.

Black & White Spot Coloring

Black & White Spot Colored Images are photos that are completely Black and White, except for a limited subject. This is a very modern style requested quite often. The results can be stunning. The following image is an example of Black & White Spot Coloring:

Photo Retouching

SPS is experienced in Photo Retouching. Traditionally, photographs themselves were touched up, followed by a copy negative being made, then a subsequent print. Once society began to understand the true value of maintaining a photograph in its original condition, a copy negative was first made, then a print that would be retouched. From this retouched photograph, a second negative would be made, and the customer's final print would be presented to them. A great process that was expensive, tedius, and had a long turnaround time. (In the past, SPS was partnered with another local lab and Carbon8 studios. Greg at Carbon8 was our premier graphic artist, who was primarily responsible for facial reconstruction, removing scratches and cracks, and a host of other artisian tasks. It drove the poor guy insane. But Greg is now creating fantastic web services for big-name corporations!)

Today at SPS, we draw from this experience. No more long days of drawn-out processing, copying, developing, and printing. Using state of the art digital technology, we restore most any image to a like-new condition.

Retouching is available on vintage images as well as new event photographs taken by us. We can remove eyeglass glare, distracting elements in backgrounds, blemishes, and much more! The following images are from an original and restored black and white image, performed by SPS.

Wedding Proofs

"Wedding Proofs" is what the industry calls a Full Set of smaller photos from your wedding. Typically, the studio removes unnecessary duplicates by sorting for the best image, and removing those where subjects blinked, or some other technical issue makes the image less desireable.

The usual "proof sets" supplied by studios are budget photographs. (They are not individually color corrected, costing the studio less money.) At SPS, images are pre-processed prior to ordering, so that your images- even at the smaller proof size- are of the best quality possible.

Proofs are supplied loose, in a simple envelope.

We do not offer a budget proof set unless the issue is discussed prior to the wedding contract being signed. (We loathe the qulity of budget proofs, and can- therefore- not ever guarantee the end result.)


Model Release

A model release is a legal document that gives the photographer permission to use your image (photograph) for publicity. The release is signed by the subject, and kept on file with the photographer for as long as an image is actively being used.

Model Releases are required in the following circumstances:

Model Releases are NOT required in the following circumstances:

An example of a Model Release can be found here.


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